Bud Barn is OpeN 

The Winchendon, Massachusetts community has a new resident!

Bud Barn is open for business!

682 Spring Street
Winchendon, MA 01475

Maybe you’ve watched the remodel of the barn with the eye-catching cupola adorned roof with curiosity. Or, you’ve heard of our new business and are excited about the product and the impact we will have on our local economy. Either way, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating as we open the barn doors!

Why Winchendon?

The Winchendon area is not only home to some of our owners, but it’s also home to wonderful recreational areas like Lake Dennison and Lake Monomonac. It has that wonderful small-town Massachusetts feel, with the history and warmth, and is conveniently located off of Route 12, 140 and 202. With many passing through town on their way to work/home, heading to New Hampshire or Vermont, you’ll find a huge selection of quality, popular, and enticing cannabis products and accessories. The Boston and Albany Railroad also had an important junction in town and the popular five-mile dog-friendly Rail Trail honors that railroad history. Winchendon is a fun town to explore and hikers, bikers, walkers, boaters, and other nature enthusiasts visit year-round. Bud Barn is conveniently located next to Little Anthothy’s Seafood Emporium and Little Lizzy’s ice cream shop. We’re excited to be part of the Winchendon experience and help to make this area a true destination.

THC/CBD Cannabis Oil & Terpenes Filled Cartridge Up Close With Buds, and a smoking pipe.

What we offer

At Bud Barn, you’ll find the most popular cannabis materials around. From dry flower to pre-rolls, from edibles to oil extracts, you’ll be able to find exactly what you want. Bud Barn also offers a wide variety of accessories including pipes, vaporizers, logo apparel and cannabis-themed gifts.

Who we are

Bud Barn is a collaboration among a few different partner groups. In the fall of 2019, two different parties were interested in moving forward to bring a new recreational dispensary to the area. A third partner had an amazing commercial building for sale. The groups decided to collaborate on a new business venture and Bud Barn was born. Along the way, the groups have enlisted friends and family as investors and the company is truly a beacon of friendship, alliance, and different skill sets working together to strengthen the community and economy.

coming soon placard for The Bud Barn

What makes us different

As one of Massachusetts’s premier cannabis providers, Bud Barn makes everyone feel welcome. From new users to experienced enjoyers, we’re here to help you on your cannabis journey. You’ll have access to quality products and knowledgeable budtenders ready to answer any questions. Stop in and learn about cannabis in a safe, friendly environment, learn more about the benefits of cannabis, or pick up some new products and accessories.

Learn more about Bud Barn and stop by to say high!