New User? Check Out The Benefits of Recreational Cannabis

Marijuana is one of the most commonly used substances in the U.S. In 2018, more than 11.8 million U.S. adults reported using it in the last year. Moreover with state after state legalizing cannabis, it’s only getting more popular.

For new users, it’s hard to know what exactly to expect when it comes to using marijuana recreationally.

That’s why, at Bud Barn, we want to give you a quick overview of what you can expect and some tips on how best to start exploring the world of recreational marijuana in a enjoyable way.

How do I use marijuana?

Let’s talk about the different ways you can use cannabis:

  • Smoked in joints or pipes
  • Cooked into edibles
  • Liquified into oils which can then be used in vaping 

This matters because the method you choose for delivery can determine how quickly you feel the effects. Inhaling or smoking is more immediate whereas edibles tend to take longer to take effect but impact you for longer. Edibles are often a popular way for new users to experience cannabis, it’s just important to talk with an expert about the potency so you start out with the right amount. 

Although different for each person and each type of cannabis, a good rule of thumb is that you will typically start feeling the effects within 30 minutes and the effects typically wear off in 1-3 hours.

THC/CBD Cannabis Oil & Terpenes Filled Cartridge Up Close With Buds, and a smoking pipe.

What happens when I use marijuana?

There isn’t a single way that cannabis affects everyone. Each person has his or her own experiences. And — every cannabis strain can deliver a different effect to varying degrees. But there are some common effects and benefits to both the mind and body, including: 

A relaxed sense of wellbeing
Feelings of joy or euphoria
Heighten senses (i.e. colors seem brighter) 

Many also report improved sleep patterns and enhanced appetite — the latter of which is a common joke in our culture about cannabis use.

Let Bud Barn be your guide

Have more burning questions? Bud Barn has you covered! In fact, you can sign up for a one-on-one consult with one of our budtenders who will help guide you through choosing the right buds and the right accessories to get you started. And for the more experienced users, our team can introduce you to the different strains we offer. Either way, we offer a inviting, comfortable environment to shop and learn. Stop by the next time you’re in Winchendon.